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Gratuity Reigns Supreme in ‘Gratuitous Space Battles’

By Rob James | 06 July 2009 | Editorial | , | 0 Comments   

Think of it as Sins of a Solar Empire in top-down form with bunch of ‘crazy’ thrown in for good measure. As reported on ‘Rock, Paper, Shotgun” (and as the name implies), Gratuitous Space Battles is about building a fleet of ships, loading them out with a slew of available weapons, setting them up in formation, and letting them run free and kick the crap out of the opposing fleet. The result is space opera sized fleet battles complete with tons of lasers firing every which way, fighters swarming the space between battleships, and explosions resulting in 1,000-of-tons of fresh space debris. War is hell. No, no…it’s Gratuitous.

(This game has not yet been released)

Link: ‘Gratuitous Space Battles”
Article: Rock-Paper-Shotgun

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