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GameCrashers Radio Ep.22 – Limping across the finish line!

PodcastGif2With one cohost recovering from a hangover and another recovering from 2nd degree burns, the surviving members of GameCrashers, Rob, Brian, and Boris, gather up their last bit of strength to bring this derailed locomotion all the way into the station.

This week on GameCrashers:
- Modern Warfare 2 cold cocks us in the face
- We continue to gush over Borderlands
- Brian finally joins the future and plays Call of Duty 4
- Question of the Week: Can certain games, like certain films, be SO bad they’re good?
- Stupid News of the World
- We spend way too much examining the “blow by blow” in Ring King
- And much more!

It’s a mad mad mad mad mad mad world!

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