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Splinter Cell: Conviction’s new release date is “Set in stone!”

By Rob James | 04 February 2010 | News | , , | 0 Comments   

In an attempt to poke fun themselves and the ever changing release date for SC: Conviction, Ubisoft has posted a twitpic that sets the record straight on just when the game is coming out.

So shall it be written, so shall it be done

Personally, I think they should have engraved it on a bigger stone. You know, one that can’t go “missing” all of a sudden if the date slips again (I kid, I kid). In truth, it’s always nice to see a developer admit that “yeah, we know delays suck.” And while many companies talk a big game, saying a date is “set in stone” and actually putting it “in stone” are two very different things.

UPDATE: The latest twitter message from Ubisoft explicitly states: “And to be crystal clear, Splinter Cell Conviction will be out on April 13 (US), April 15 (Europe + Australia), April 16 (UK)”

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