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GameCrashers Radio Ep.34 – Alan Wake hates on the PC

So the PC is too intimate for you, eh Alan?  So you think you can’t be all moody and depressed anywhere except a living room flat-screen TV?  Well, Jason doesn’t buy your shenanigans, Microsoft!  Rob and Dave are forced to agree (it’s in our contract).

The Rundown:
- Rob screws up the date…again
- A very brief Game of the Week
- We allude to the Gamepocalypse
- Alan Wake axed on PC, excuse feels contrived
- One Console Future: Listener Reactions
- OnLive, Competition, New Consoles, Cloud Gaming, Boxed copies
- Dave loses his train of thought…several times, in fact.

A short show for a short week.  Don’t miss the first episode of the Gamepocalypse and the special “cross over” episode later this week!

Check out Overclocked Remix for more great video game remixes like the ones featured in this week’s episode.

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  1. Posted by Listening Brit on 23 April 10 at 8:01am

    Interesting conversation… just wanted to nit pick a statement made during the show…. the UK is a lot smaller than you think…. more like 1/3 the size of Texas, not the US. You need a new map ;-)
    This was the first time I’d heard the show. Very enjoyable… will definitely check out the rest of your site!

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