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RANT: No, it’s not Actibungie…so relax

By Rob James | 30 April 2010 | Editorial, News | , , , , , | 0 Comments   

As I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, Activision and Bungie are going to be doing some serious hand-holding over the next ten years.  The two announced a deal that will result in all future games developed by Bungie — under their new IP — to be published exclusively by Activision across ‘multiple platforms’ for the next decade.  That’s no small feat, considering that Microsoft has done everything in its power to keep every Bungie game up through ‘Reach’ exclusive to the 360.  While hordes of gamers, and even journalists, from every corner of the interwebs have already begun to ‘cry out in terror’ over the deal, I can’t help but think ‘is news really worth all the hoopla?  Or are we all getting ahead of ourselves?’

It should be noted that this deal is NOT like the one penned between Activision and Infinity Ward.  While ‘Activision v West/Zampella’ is firmly on the minds of every gamer out there right now, this deal does not result in Bungie being acquired by Activision in any way, shape, or form.  This is simply a publishing deal.  Bungie will retain the rights to all of their IPs as well as final call on all development decisions.  So we won’t be seeing any Call of Duty games by Bungie in the near future.  Also, as part of the deal, Bungie finally gets the opportunity to release games on the PS3, PC, and even the Mac and Wii if they so choose.  Though I wouldn’t hold your breath on a Halo game coming to PS3 any time soon (Microsoft still holds all the “Master Chief” playing cards).  Lastly, the deal only concerns one IP.  That means if Bungie decides to work on another series besides the one referred to in this deal, it won’t be published by Activision.  That is, unless, Bungie decides to pitch it to Activision.

If there is any downside to this, its that we’ll probably see Activision’s $59.99 idiotic pricing structure for the PC extended to all Bungie titles that release for the PC.  While I don’t agree with their sentiment that they should get $10 more simply because there’s no licensing fee on PC, it’s not going to stop Activision from doing exactly that.

So while you’re still perfectly allowed to hate on Activision for all the dumb things they’ve done so far, this situation isn’t quite as bleak as it sounds.  One piece of advise though, Bungie.  If Activision even utters the word “incentives” or “acquisitions” — f*cking…run!

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