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Gamepocalypse Ep.6 (not 4) – Rogue Warrior/Legendary Double Feature

The long awaited return of the Gamepocalypse is here, and do we have some really lousy games to talk about.  It’s time for a less-than-legendary double feature:  Rogue Warrior and Legendary!  And, as always, it’s time to pick the game you want to see Sean play on the next installment of the Gamepocalypse.  Check out the poll below, leave a vote, and any comments or game requests/suggestions you can think of  Without further ado: Gamepocalypse ep.6 Rogue Warrior and Legendary.

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What game should Sean play for Gamepocalypse Ep.7?

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  1. Posted by Jonathan Barrickman on 14 March 11 at 10:47pm

    Look people. Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos. Vote for it.

    “After choosing a crew, the game places you in the Bering Sea to catch as many Opilio and King Crab as possible. Crab are caught by strategically moving your boat through the sea and choosing places to drop nets. Success on catching crab depends on finding a correct spot on the map to to drop the nets. When you bring in a haul of crab there are mini games for many of the chores and exciting moments found on a crab boat. Mini games may include sorting fish, ship repairs, breaking ice off of the boat, and rescuing those who fall overboard.”

    How can you NOT want to hear about Sean playing this?

  2. Posted by Jonathan Barrickman on 15 March 11 at 1:17am

    Alternatively, this:

    The Germans love their mundane driving simulators, apparently. A game about driving tractors was allegedly the best selling title there last year. There’s a popular bus driving simulator series that also burns up the charts –

    And the game I’m suggesting isn’t even from that series!

    *cackles like Mark Hamill’s Joker*

  3. Posted by alex hedges on 15 March 11 at 2:23am

    suffer for quantum theory SUFFEEEEEEEER

  4. Posted by Dave "Boris" Orosz on 18 March 11 at 11:14am

    Sorry Jon, Bikinis > Fish.

  5. Posted by biffstix on 25 March 11 at 1:11am


    Unless the bikini’s smell like “fish”

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