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GameCrashers Radio Ep.87 – Rule #34 “Get New Chartz”

Um.  Excuse me.  Your ‘chartz’ are showing.  God this is embarrassing.  Uh…I’m just gonna.  I’ll be throwing up…I mean…I should go.

The Rundown:
TGS is without “Guardians” but has plenty of “Sliders”
PSVita battery won’t last longer than a X-country flight
Game of the week: Trackmania 2, World of Tanks, Super Smash Land
Resident Evil Game are re-released in HD
Stupid News:
- Cliffy B thinks Jim Sterling’s “8″ for Gears 3 ain’t all that great
- Ben Paddon ( gets flack from VGChartz for exposing some shady business practices
- Sony adds arbitration clause to TOS for all potential Class Action Suits moving forward
Question of the Moment: “Are you excited about Gears of War 3″
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Closing Thoughts

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  1. Posted by Lynx_Lapdance on 30 September 11 at 12:25pm

    Great episode as always guys. Ill be sure to send you a voicemail in a little while.

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