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The Five Games You Should Be Following

By David S. Gallant | 05 October 2011 | Editorial | , , , , , , | 3 Comments   

Not every awesome game coming out in the next twelve months has the marketing budget of an Activision release. Regardless, the following fivesome look to be some of the coolest games I’ve ever seen. They’re games worth following on Twitter, and here’s why:


PLATFORM: Undetermined
COMING OUT: Eventually

In my opinion, there hasn’t been a good mech game since since Mechwarrior 2: Mercenaries. While I’m a little sad that Hawken has been, thus far, pitched as a multiplayer-only game, it still hits all my buttons: gorgeous graphics, first-person cockpit views, and a good mix of deliberate & fast-paced combat. Yes, please.
FOLLOW: @HawkenGame


PLATFORM: Undetermined
COMING OUT: Eventually

What’s Yours Is Mine perfectly describes the 2010 IGF-winning game about grand theft everything. Featuring co-op larceny with multiple class roles and a top-down chunky-pixel style, the game looks like plenty fun. A map editor is included, and sharing creations is as simple as swapping a screenshot of the level. Just recently ported from XNA to a multiplatform engine, this thing has the potential to be released on everything.
FOLLOW: @MonacoIsMine and creator @AndySchatz


PLATFORM: Xbox Live Arcade
COMING OUT: Eary 2012

A 2D game that’s actually a 3D game, this platformer with a literal twist makes me feel like I’m on drugs whenever I watch one of its “long screenshots”. Being able to rotate the game 90 degrees at a time opens up a whole new set of possibilities, which I cannot wait to explore. The development of this game is partially covered in the upcoming Indie Game: The Movie documentary.
FOLLOW: creator @PHIL_FISH and development studio @Polytron

Sound Shapes

PLATFORM: Playstation Vita
COMING OUT: At Vita launch (late 2011 – early 2012)

Okay, so this one actually has gotten quite a bit of Sony marketing behind it. And deservedly so; Sony is using it to show that innovative, creative titles are possible only on their new handheld. Combining a platform game with music creation, this game alone has sold me on a Playstation Vita.
FOLLOW: @soundshapes and creator @queasy00 (Jonathan Mak)

They Bleed Pixels

PLATFORM: Xbox Live Indie Games
COMING OUT: Later this year (2011)

The only game on this list that I’ve actually played, TBP sports a sexy-fluid movement system and one-button combat with a surprising amount of depth. Its combo-based checkpoint system is pretty innovative, and the unlockable bonus levels are just icing on the cake. It’s a tough game, but very rewarding, and it kills me to see it only set for an XBLIG release. If it does well, we could see it on other platforms.
FOLLOW: creator @spookysquid (Miguel Sternberg)


  1. Posted by chris on 05 October 11 at 1:12am

    “…XBLIG release. If it does well…”

    Does not compute.

  2. Posted by David S. Gallant on 05 October 11 at 1:24am

    I know. It’s the sad nature of indie development; as an XNA game, it’s only available, affordable publishing option is XBLIG. I don’t know how successful it’ll have to be to get a PC port.

  3. Posted by Myx on 07 October 11 at 3:01am

    i don’t get what’s so exciting bout fez. the features you mentioned are a very old hat. i guess you never played the paper mario games (these are video games, it has nothing to do with actual paper). they pretty much did already everything you could do involving 2D characters in a fully rotatable 3D environment.

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