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Stupid News: Modern Warfare 3 Addresses Quick Scoping…by Making it Quicker

By Rob James | 08 November 2011 | News, Stupid News | , , , , | 44 Comments   

If you’ve ever played Modern Warfare 2 and been on the receiving end of someone’s ‘quick scope’ sniper shot, you know how frustrating it is to be picked off by someone using a weapon designed for calculated and precise shots in such a rushed and, frankly, unrealistic manner. It’s one of the main reasons Treyarch removed the feature for Black Ops, because sniper rifles don’t actually work that way in real combat situations and they felt the technique was “cheap” and “overpowered.” Infinity Ward, however, not wanting to annoy their enormous fan base (read: cash cow), has decided that they’re better off leaving this feature in and pleasing the quick-scope-loving masses than actually attempt to balance the game and possibly annoy people who might not buy MW3 if the feature was removed.

In fact, if the video below is any indication, it seems ‘Quick Scoping’ is actually easier in MW3 than ever before. Considering that the Modern Warfare series hasn’t tried to replicate actual, real world combat in a long, long time (some might say ‘ever’), the fact that something as game breaking as ‘Quick Scoping’ still exists in MW3 isn’t all that surprising as it is flat out disappointing. While I know people will be quick to defend ‘Quick Scoping ‘ as a legitimate tactic and just another way to play their favorite FPS, I can’t help but think of ‘Quick Scoping’ as an exploit-turned-feature that is nothing more than an easy way to rack up kill streaks and unbalance a game that has rapidly become ‘Halo Modern Combat’.

Modern Warfare 3
Out Now on PC, 360, and PS3
Developed by Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games
Published by Activision


  1. Posted by yami on 09 November 11 at 4:35pm

    That’s one reason why MW3 is a failure, I don’t like infinty ward as a call of duty developer, and I see Treyarch as the A team, Black Ops was great gameplay wise, but they need to improve on connections, graphics, and some other little things like split screen online dual login for PS3 and make split screen online more smoother, and not have as much of a drop in graphics. Treyarch keep no Quickscope please, and customization come your next game ! (Here’s hoping it’s Black Ops 2, sequel to one of the best, and most creative step forward in the Call of Duty franchise).

  2. Posted by cell989 on 09 November 11 at 9:17pm

    ridiculous gameplay video, lol its insane how game breaking quick scoping is, this is why I cant enjoy COD, its too exaggerated, the kill-streaks are ridiculous now, and now theyve simplified quick scoping, its such a cheesy noob friendly game, Im sticking with Battle Field 3 its a bit more realistic

  3. Posted by R.James on 10 November 11 at 9:07am

    I find it hard to take MW3 seriously when TF2 has more realistic sniping in it.

  4. Posted by wow on 14 November 11 at 1:39am

    i am so annoyed by the people that expect a game to be real… the fact that people make video games and play them is to escape the real world…quicksoping is just one of many things IW does right in the world of video games.. it gives players a new and fun way of playing..that guess what..? takes skill.. not any1 can quickscope as people can spray there favorite “realistic” m16 anywhere.. so the fact that IW make things fun and not realistic is good and true to the overall genre of fps and video games in general….so plaese stop bitching about realism and get a life in the real world…

  5. Posted by R.James on 14 November 11 at 1:48am

    So you attack my opinion by saying I have no life? Classy.
    Regardless, I take issue with your response for one reason: quick scoping relies on using a real world weapon in a ridiculous fashion that feels more like broken design than a calculated feature of the game. Why don’t you see this in other military shooters? Because it makes no sense. The only reason IW kept it in is because it would have annoyed people who buy the game. But the problem is people who want to use a sniper properly will never be able to compete with those who use sniper rifles in this “exploit” type of way. And that, as the title heading dictates, is just “stupid.”

  6. Posted by omgnoqs on 15 November 11 at 9:29pm

    oh no, game broken!
    people that are good at a pretty hard skill can do well enough to record some clips and stich them together. most quick scopers pull off around a 1 ratio in kill based game modes. it is annoying but it isnt really an efficient way to play the game.
    i’m more frustrated by the stalker perk, but then i’ll just get over it and stop bitching

  7. Posted by Matt on 15 November 11 at 11:49pm

    Thats why you have to be on the giving end of quick scoping! I got some awesome tips onhow to quick scope in MW3 here! The modded controller makes all the difference!

  8. Posted by lmao on 16 November 11 at 3:28pm

    Hate MW3 because of quick scoping? You must of gotten owned by plenty of them then. I love versing them ill either quick scope back or nade them. If your close enough to get quick scoped thats your fault imo. Snipers defending thereselves

  9. Posted by R.James on 16 November 11 at 4:19pm

    I suppose I can see the argument “it’s part of the game, so deal with it” — I mean, IW has come out and said it’s a supported part of the game. But I’m not sure that’s a great decision on their part. It undermines what “scoped rifles” are and how they’re supposed to be used (in the context of a game, though I assume if you asked a firearm specialist or a military person about Quick Scoping they’d laugh in your face). They’re not supposed to be 1-shot, close range, quick use pistols. I can’t imagine I’m the only person who feels that way. But if people want that, so be it. I just think it’s silly to think that Quick Scoping is a “fair” way to use a limited use weapon like a sniper rifle. It’s an exploit that has become a feature. And I believe there’s no way you can call that game “balanced” if the sniper rifle is being used in that way. It’d be like calling a fight between Superman and the Elephant Man a fair and balanced fight.

  10. Posted by x360xiBludxClotzx on 01 December 11 at 8:54am

    Whinge Whinge Whinge.

    In theory I am sure you are wrong. In a “real world situ” say a sniper has made a few ranged kills and decides to switch location, he picks up his rifle and runs to another spot but on the way encounters an enemy. Life or death situation. He THINKS he can take the enemy with a calculated quick/lucky shot by guessing where the sight will line up. He shoots, and its a OHK.

    Well that’s exactly what QS is. Its about making a very quick, calculated decision with a splash of luck. It’s so rare to come up against an unplayable quick-scoper these days. Just pull out your gun and shoot him. Its not QS’ers fault you accuracy is terrible and you can’t hit a barn door with a lump of shit.

    Of course with QuickDraw/SOH if you don’t kill the sniper quick enough, it’s only a matter of time before they zero in an kill you. Throw a stun/flash/smoke/decoy, get behind cover, move/flank, sprint USE YOUR HEAD.

    Fucking whingers always digging at QS.

    It’s a simple fact – you can’t do it but desperately want to.

    You can’t really say that at 10 metres apart, your Assult Rifle that sends out 10 rounds per second is any worse off than a Bolt action, single shot rifle.

    Or maybe you are just that shyte at MW.

    If your accuracey is below 25% – go home and play something else. You’ll get slaughtered, regardless of what gun you use.

    IMHO – campers are the scurge of teh game..not QS’ers

  11. Posted by R.James on 01 December 11 at 6:24pm

    Clearly, MW3 is not attempting to recreate anything close to a real world scenario with this feature in the game. But there’s nothing you can say to make me feel that using a sniper rifle in this way maximizes the use of the weapon. Play any other military FPS…hell, play TF2. In every case, you actually have to aim the gun in order to make a kill. Not guestimate where your bullet will end up. Also, I’m not really interested in whether it takes skill or not. It’s called a sniper rifle. It’s not the plasma rifle from instagib mode in Unreal Tournament. If it is, then name it something else. MW3 replicates all these weapons on real world, military guns. What’s the point of doing that if they’re going to turn the weapon into a glorified pistol?

    It’s like dual wielding pistols. Sure it looks great in a game, but any trained marksman will tell you that it serves no tactical advantage what-so-ever and actually reduces your ability to aim and hit your target with any speed or accuracy. And the reason is because when you hold to weapons, you have no way of stabilizing your shot. You can’t account for the recoil because you’re only using half of your available grip to maintain a clean shot. Last but not least, you can’t aim the same way with two guns as you can with one. You can’t be as accurate. Again, it looks cool, but you don’t train people to look cool, you train them to be effective. The sniper rifle in MW3 is not the effective way to use that rifle, even if it’s a cool feature in the game. It, in my opinion, cheapens the game, the rifle, and the gameplay. You’re more than welcome to disagree, but don’t tell me that it makes any sense to the purpose of the weapon. It’s a feature in a game that sacrifices authenticity for game sales and high speed kills. I, in no way, need to, nor am I required to, respect that.

  12. Posted by Jim on 08 December 11 at 6:33pm

    People that don’t like quick scoping are people that suck at it. If it was easy everyone would do it. It’s fun because its much harder than just shooting someone with a battle rifle

  13. Posted by stu on 12 December 11 at 3:05am

    Listen bro, ask treyarch and black ops how their sales did in comparison to iw and modern warfare and then tell who knows how to make a better video game. Plus how can you bitch about realism, would you rather them also make it 1 shot kills with every gun from close range and you get disabled and can’t continue if you get shot and it doesn’t kill you? No, thats bull. The only time that quick scoping can be employed is in Multiplayer anyway and if your really gonna complain about the realism of the game and say that any trained sniper will tell you thats ridiculous. Plus how can you possibly complain that it is easy and overpowered, i am 100% positive that the people raping you with the quick scopes would just as easily kill you with anyother gun and you would just rage quit because he keeps killing you. Because guess what? If your getting quick scoped it just means that he aimed at you faster and got the first shot of. Since you brought up your trained snipers, ask any skilled quickscoper it is all luck and nearly impossible to get the quick scope after you have been hit. So quit bitchin and start drop shoting you little bitches

  14. Posted by R.James on 12 December 11 at 3:12pm

    I’ll attempt to ignore the condescending “listen bro”and just get to the point of your response. I’m not arguing that it doesn’t take skill. I’m saying it’s a lame feature that IW put back in the game to increase sales and to not muck with player base that is making them and Activision billions of dollars. So it takes skill. Great. I don’t really care. I don’t think it’s a good feature of the game and I chose not to play it because of that. I think it does nothing to balance the game and I think Treyarch deserves credit for taking it out of the game, because I believe good studios try to do more than just “appease” their player base, they also try to make a game that’s balanced and fair. If Modern Warfare wants to throw out the military and tactical components of a game, that’s fine, but I don’t have to pat them on the back for it. And QS is the epitome of “gamey.”

    Oh, and that game you’re thinking “bro” — it’s called CounterStrike, and it is the most played shooter on the planet. The other one is called Arma II. And if you try playing that game, I would recommend you leave your “QS” at home. It serves no purpose there.

  15. Posted by Blind Society on 15 December 11 at 2:05pm

    I am in 100% agreement with R.James on this one people. Modern Warfare was released to have opponents compete in “real life” military situations with “real life” weaponry. Sure the perks make it unrealistic because no soldier in real life gets to choose perks before entering a warzone.
    As far as quickscopers are legitimate players who have mastered the skills of a sniper rifle, well, you are sadly mistaken. If you people think you are God’s gift to MW3, then I suggest you do what I do and take off aim assist. And don’t bother lying and telling me “My aim assist is never on” cause that’s alot of bull and we all know it. If your quickscopers can manage to get one shot kills from 50 feet away without any aim assist then by all means, that doesn’t bother me at all because its a 1 in a million shot.
    And FYI to the person who described the “real life” situation of a sniper leaving his spot to find a new area, when travelling the sniper rifle would either have been on an arm-sling or strapped across his back allowing for faster movement and quicker access to their sidearm.

  16. Posted by drewboo on 22 December 11 at 9:47pm

    Let’s be honest. 1) This is not nearly as bad a One Man Army Pro + Grenade Launcher… 2) It does take a certain amount of skill. In fact, it requires some perks to make it [sic: more] possible. This means that because he’s using those perks, 3) it leaves him weak in other spots: Aerial support, UAV, heartbeat sensor, claymore, etc…

    In the video above, 4a) the guy is playing domination. Typically, that’s just a bunch of people running around like shitheads. He isn’t showing off in any hardcore match, especially HC:TDM.

    4b) It’s rare to see quick scoping in hardcore modes (where it’s more “realistic”).

    So is it cheap? Maybe. Can you beat/avoid a it by playing SMART? Yes.
    If you’re bothered by the mass amounts of people using this method: Either play hardcore modes, or learn to do it yourself.

  17. Posted by drewboo on 22 December 11 at 9:56pm

    I also agree with x360xiBludxClotzx: Campers are 1000x’s worse.
    I’m not telling you “it’s a part of the game, deal with it.” I’m telling you to DEAL with it, because it’s a part of the game. Deal with it by playing smarter than him.

    Flashbang each corner when approaching an enemy, EVEN IF YOU JUST THINK THERE’S SOMEONE AROUND THE CORNER.

    Swing WIDE on turns, and check your corners.

    Communicate with teammates. I repeat, COMMUNICATION WINS GAMES.

  18. Posted by Pookie Speedman on 10 January 12 at 12:22pm

    First off, I am a casual MW3 player. I have a job, life etc. But a few things…

    I do not know about the QS fad, I haven’t really been the victim of it as much as others here are claiming. I can tolerate drop-shotting in small quantities… I’ve done it a few times. I don’t even mind the campers. Shooting from cover is one of the most widely used and basic principles of combat. My big MW3 gripe is towards the bastards who think “bunny hopping” or jumping over my rounds is acceptable. C’mon people. MW is not Halo. I left Halo because of this and other questionable “tactics.” The gripe I have is that they are unbalanced and almost force you to use them just to keep up. Also, no one seems to aim any more. Every game i’m in people just hip-spam their SMG’s and akimbo “box guns.” I’m tired of getting 3 kills at then end of a match and still winning the “Most ADS Kills” award. It’s pretty pathetic.

    You can argue that it’s “part of the game” and I will say that you are correct. But is it acceptable to spam a technique over and over in favor of all other techniques to boost your stats?

    Re: Quick Scoping…
    IMO, something, like QS’ing, becomes unbalanced when it gives an advantage against people who choose not to use it. If I could snipe in the traditional fashion and still keep up with QS’ers, then i’d have no issue with it. But when a “fad-tactic” gives an advantage over traditional game-play, it becomes an issue.

    PS. QS’ing is the least of my worries in PC land. There are aim-botters, something called “wallers” and many other type of cheaters and hackers to deal with. The real issue if you ask me, is the lack of dedicated servers, and a real, honest willingness by the developers to seek out and remove cheaters.

    But at the end of the day, i’m just a casual MW player. You’ll never see me prestige in MW3… I did that once in MW2. And i’ll continue to be satisfied with my 13-7 or 25-14 matches.

  19. Posted by Troll on 24 January 12 at 3:22pm

    only kids and idiots buy mw3, I mean it’s just a more arcade less realism version of modern warefare, it will always be totally worthless as a combat simulator or battle simulator, it’s just a game for kids to smash buttons on a controller and for trolls to get off on making people rage quit before you start I am top prestige on MW, COD5 and Blackops but games where your combat is based on who can use an imaginary totally unbelievable attack first is dumb. if we saw it in a film; action star picks up his Barret .50 and without even aiming, just flashing it over his face gets 5 kills in a row (I can do this quite easily in MW2 since as soon as you hit ADS it lines up for a perfect shot with Aim Assist on.) it’d only work in a comedy or something that doesn’t take itself seriously. I like my games to feel like they are a real test to my intelligence and skill level, not this bullshit…

  20. Posted by daba on 02 February 12 at 7:14pm

    R.James and Pookie Speedman are right…
    I QS…It’s fun when other kids are trying and I then apply it and run the table but it does get annoying when in TDM everyone is QS each other and it becomes who can cheat faster…

    As far as “realism” goes…I threw that out the window with COD WaW and never looked back …bolt actions from across the map and mp40 spraying…The COD series is starting to become a joke…MW3 I personally witness four or five kids beat about 9 in a domination game…

    And for anyone who thinks prestige is cool…what was your rank in Halo 2? Don’t remember know why….NO ONE CARES

  21. Posted by CJ on 03 February 12 at 2:41pm

    I have QS’d before, but only to see if I can.

    I don’t use it. Its gay. Anyone who says its about skill, they are wrong. The whole premise of QS’ing is that you don’t really have to aim. You just get in the general vicinity, don’t even have to have to be aimed on the target, and boom, registered on hit kill. Shoot someone at the ground in front of their feet, and its a headshot? Don’t think so.

    Think about it, skill to get a one hit kill when you don’t have to aim, and aren’t even shooting right at the person? Its a glitch, pure and simple. It would be no different than if any other gun didn’t need to aim properly, but a certain cheesy move gets them a one hit kill.

    I won’t be buying the next COD if this is in there. I was struggling with whether to get BF3 or MW3, Next time it will be BF

  22. Posted by CB on 04 February 12 at 2:13am

    I agree with everyone that said QS is BS. you can QS someone in the chest and kill them but when you are looking through the scope it can take 2 shots to kill some one. Why is that and also why doesnt hip fire with a sniper rifle work just as good as quick scoping same concept just no scope

  23. Posted by moneymaker on 12 February 12 at 3:12am

    i quickscope with the barrett 50. cal on the wii. it took a lot of practice because the slightest movement with the remote and you will miss plus your reflexes have to be so much faster. quickscoping is so much harder than using a 50 round clip machine gun and firing enough bullets hoping to get a kill. stop complaining and take my one shot kill like good little noobs.

  24. Posted by moneymaker on 12 February 12 at 3:24am

    how come no one complains about the akimbo users with the fmg9. seriously shoot enough rounds and hope to hit the target. these little bastards i QS from a mile away and they are left hopeless. and what about the morons who run around with a shotgun and dont even aim, they just hope for enough spread to kill the target. i also wouldnt call QSing cheating, its a game so for all you nerds who want the real thing, uncle sam is always looking for new recruits.

  25. Posted by notforyou on 15 February 12 at 12:22am

    personally i dont agree with this tatic, but there are other issues that need to be dealt with like the real cheaters and the people who mod their remotes to shoot single fire weapons like automatic weapons.. as far as the camping, you have to define that.. their is a difference between sniping and camping. camping is sitting in a corner all game with a machine gun. thump those people. same with snipers. its not hard to get rid of them. the only time i stop and sit behind something is if i hear someone walking around the corner and i want to get a surprise kill.

  26. Posted by PyroAcid on 17 February 12 at 12:33pm

    i love how you all bitch about quick scopeing and say “itsnot realistic when none of you have any kind of gun experince besides you’re videogame controlers. i myself own a r700 “7mm rem mag” with 160 to 180 grainbullets. quick scopeing is possble but realisticly something i whould use for hunting no. war? maybe 10 to 20yards depending if the target has noticed me or not hell yah you can quick scope. but just like in game got to peractice. it. and know how fast you can throw the weapon up into your shoulder.and kick has nothing to do with it becouse while you’re worrying about the kick the bullet is allready hit its mark. the unrealistic part i dont like about this game is how much damage someone can take at say 10 to 20 yards and not get knocked off there feet or there limbs not tearing off. or both. while useing snipers.

  27. Posted by Andrew on 02 March 12 at 2:14am

    Its disterbing that people are actually trying to say QSing is harder than using a fully automatic weapon. People don’t QS because its a challenge and they’re testing themselves, they do it because they can get multiple one shot kills from any range. Which is something you can’t do with any fully automatic weapon from any range. With a little practice anyone can become proficient at QSing and can then get a one shot kill 98% of the time. Assault riffles and SMG’s aren’t easier to use simply because they are fully automatic and anyone using a fully automatic weapon is at a disadvantage against someone who’s spent a little bit of time practicing QSing. The reason for that is simple, if your using a fully automatic weapon you can get multiple shots off first and on target but then a QSer gets that one lone shot off and your dead and they survive, badly damaged but they get the kill and you didn’t. All a QSer has to do is react. You can practice to improve your reaction time QSing but there is no practice for firing more shots before someone else reacts. either they react in time or they don’t its that simple.

  28. Posted by Josh on 09 March 12 at 6:48pm

    There is no skill in quick scoping. I can do it just as easily as the next guy. I find it highly boring and unrealistic. That’s why I am no longer playing MW3. I actually sold it off. It’s just a cash cow for those idiot 15 year olds who cant play skilled games. Those who say quick scoping takes “skill” are retarded. It’s easy as hell.

  29. Posted by david on 15 March 12 at 2:39pm

    lol at all these comments. if you want to play a realistic game, play GT5 or something like that. Shooter games are not realistic ever. If they were we would all have one life and not respawning, life regeneration, tactical insertions, ect. but no one is complaining about those features. You all complain about QSers because you want to play the game but don’t like certain aspects that do not benefit you. ppl complain about weapon balance but some ARs are better/different than others, some guns just suck and I never see anyone use them, and that gives you the choice to use the weapon you like. Usually the one that kills with less bullets at better ranges or whatever. So you all actually exploit features of the game in one way or another. If someone ran 100 kills in a game with a sniper rifle while hard scoping you would still complain about balance.

  30. Posted by D on 22 March 12 at 12:50am

    Quick scoping should definitely be nerfed in MW3. The aim time should at least be doubled to compensate for the higher bullet damage.

    In the meanwhile, when ‘tards quick scope just noob tube them til they rage quit.

  31. Posted by Ivan on 02 April 12 at 7:36pm

    One I really hate about quickscoping, is that now it has made more simple in Modern Warfare 3. Even worse, players can just tape a dot on their screen so they would know where to aim!

  32. Posted by Matt on 11 April 12 at 3:00am

    Obviously none of the people who say that quick scoping is easy have even tried it. I used to run around with smgs and assault rifles getting 40-12 scores but eventually i got bored of it because it is so easy to sight in while walking around a corner with an assault rifle and get the kill or to rush around every where with an smg hipfiring when ever you run into someone. I decided that quickscoping looked like it would be fun and not too hard but boy was i wrong. Its easy enough to get a fluke quickscope by mashing Rb and Lb when your at point blank range but anything further away takes enormous amounts of practice. It is not a glitch where you trick the game into getting the kill. If your crosshairs are not exactly on the target then you will miss. By the time i was first prestige i was doing really well with fully auto guns and shotguns but four prestiges of quickscoping later i am a competent but far from exceptional quick scoper. I have tried going back to smgs and assault rifles a few times and my reactions are so quick from quickscoping that it is so easy to win every game that it is no fun. Ask any MLG quickscoper and they will tell you that quickscoping is not a way of winning, it is a way of challenging yourself. So next time you get quickscoped, realise that the quickscoper would almost certainly beat you with any gun unless their shot was just a fluke. And PS if you want a realistic war experience then join the army.

  33. Posted by Durrr on 29 April 12 at 12:57am

    Ive quick scoped alot… Try it guys… Regardless of what this nitwit says, it’s not hard. Certainly no harder than when u first learned the game. It’s for those that did all that whining about getting mowed down by machine guns. It’s unrealistic & for those that would wet their pants in a real fight & we & u all kno it

  34. Posted by QS YOUR MOM on 06 May 12 at 1:07pm

    I am sure that many of you guys have noticed how fast the guns kill in MW3. It’s a very aggressive, fast pace game. It’s not supposed to replicate combat; it’s just a 3D arcade shooting game. Throwing knives kill when they hit people in the foot, grenades get hitmarkers, people use akimbo Deagles. It’s obviously a game that’s about jumping in, and having some fun. Quickscoping, or running and gunning with sniper rifles, is just another way for players to have some fun. Sure, it’s a one shot kill to the torso/head, but you only get a bullet out once a second or so. Some machine guns get out 15 bullets a second, and it only takes 3-4 to kill. They can afford to miss. They can hipfire. They can look around as they are zooming in. These snipers get one shot; one second to aim, zoom-in, and shoot. If they miss, they are dead. It takes so much more skill than machine guns. Give them a break, what QSers are doing actually takes skill, unlike camping. Except for a few exceptions, most QSers don’t have much higher than a 1 K/D anyway. In many cases, if they get shot once, the flinch can throw of their aim and they are gonners. If you guys are getting owned by snipers, either pick one up yourself, and change your strategies. You will only become a better player in the process.

  35. Posted by bigben2090 on 19 June 12 at 9:55pm

    haha this is really funny because even those people who say QS is hard know its easy as mashing the lt then rt.. skill ha im srry but when a sniper can get a one shot kill with me aiming on their body and sending their scope up makes me wanna reach through the screen and punch him. The fact is i wouldnt mind qs if it wasnt so dame easy i think they should take the idea from secction 8 it makes more sense and if they really wanna run around with aim assist then make a lobby for qs only and every other game have them cut t damage down by 50% for close range and 25% for med. honestly I may not be all that great at qs especially with my connection here but it dosent mean that a 5 year old who just points and clicks can’t get a kill thats why there are so many kids under the game age playing it. If it isnt skill then someone got it lucky and has a better connection

  36. Posted by Zaggo0 on 23 July 12 at 3:51am

    I’m not saying that QS is hard nor easy.
    I’ve been trying to QS, but most of the time I just get hitmarkers, and then get killed by a RSAS Acog or Barret.50 cal just spraying the hell outa of me, untill they finally hit me once, which is also an instant kill.

    But then you also have the boosted PP90M1 (IRL it has 600-800 rpm), Rapid fire attachment, Akimbo weapons, camping LMG’s, hip-fire SMG’s, Shotguns, flashbang kills, grenade hitmarkers, noob-tubers… just name it..

  37. Posted by You're Stupid on 04 August 12 at 10:30am

    An easy way to rack up kill streaks? Quick Scoping is NOT easy. It is the hardest thing to do in CoD. Anyone that thinks it is easy, obviously is ignorant. I’d love to see them play me in a 1v1 when you use a sniper (Not hard scoping) and I’m using a UMP. Get real. Yeah, it isn’t realistic, but is defusing a bomb in five second realistic? Is any part of the game realistic at all? Exactly. GT: Fuhnominul for anyone that wants to take up my 1v1 offer for those thinking Quick Scoping is easy and/or cheap

  38. Posted by Rico8905 on 05 August 12 at 1:41pm

    Ok I had to comment on this one, mostly because of all the assholes that are defending quick scoping. Qs is CHEAP, and is a CHEAT WEAPON mostly when used with a modded controller. Just last week I was playing a match and I was running behind a quickscoper, someone had just flash banged him and I started to shoot him. I got 3 hit markers on him before he killed me. I watched the killcam, and he was flashbanged and in the middle of being shot and he was still able to 180 quickscope me with no problem. There was two quickscopers on their team that obviously had modded controllers because it is nearly impossible to have the perfect timing literally every shot. Countless times I would be lighting him up and he would shoot me through my bullets and one shot kill me without a problem. He ended up goin like 48-8. Now I know for a fact he would not have done that well if it were not for the cheap system of quickscoping. Call of duty has been losing my vote for some time now anyways, if black ops 2 doesn’t take out quick scoping and the HORRIBLE lag compensation ( because that is the MOST annoying thing ) and fix the spawning system so the other team doesn’t see me just appear magically in front of them, especially in FFA Gunplay, then call of duty has lost my vote and Im sure they have lost others by the thousands. Call of duty will always exist, But it will appeal for the newer generation. Only us TRUE COD players remember how fun call of duty used to be.

  39. Posted by Random on 18 August 12 at 2:39pm

    QS is the worst. its an exploit. thats its. The worst part is that IW wont remove it, yet they will nerf everything else. Grenade Launcher? LOL, they turned that down. QS? LOL, they turned that up.

  40. Posted by breezy on 11 September 12 at 8:57pm

    QS is very hard to – I’ve been playing for months, and I’m finally starting to see it pull together. Yes, put your target in the middle of the screen – tape a dot on your TV – still, you think it doesn’t take skill to your target on q? It’s friggin dissapointing, all you need to do is miss once and you’re fodder. If you can QS like a pro – you did a lot of hard work and sacrifice on your ratio. Don’t bring realism into the game, it’s a game. Try learning to scope and have a 3/19 game of DM: Squeze butt cause you’ll be getting hate mail from your teammates for messing up their precious ratios. Hey, if you’re good at QS, congrats. Put another bullet in ‘em for me… cuz I’ll be doing the same thing… friggin whiners! Grow some nuts. Pissants.

  41. Posted by jim on 14 September 12 at 7:54pm

    the people blasting this article are people who can only do good by taking advantage of a broken game

  42. Posted by rwkpage on 24 September 12 at 7:49am

    One of the biggest jokes is quickscoping. watch the cams and their crosshairs arent even
    close and your still lying on your back. Another Joke is you have guys running so fast and some look like there skating. Then they can move side to side forward or backwards at breakneck speed and there crosshairs never leave there target. Yeah Right! You can deny it all you want. Just make it so everyone has the hack. Then it will be a fair fight.

  43. Posted by v.ginkel on 01 October 12 at 7:50am

    its fun to see ppl whine about QC and say it isnt fair becose sniper arnt used that way in real life, if this is really ur think to say its not fair than nothing is fair ingame.
    also start bitching about most of the perks than.

    (iam not a quick scoper so dont say i defend it becose of i can do it becose i really cant do it)

  44. Posted by blahblah on 03 December 13 at 12:25am

    They didn’t JUST increase quick-scoping. they also added increased sway for all other guns the longer you stay aimed down sights. They also made all LMGs have terrible and unintuitive recoil, LMGs are the highest learning curve weapon in the game, although there are a few cheap tricks to eke some value out of them, like rapid fire L86 with kick. 3 round it like an m-16, and its a pretty accurate killer for all ranges, plus it reloads fast and it doesnt have god-awful iron sights like the m60. I love the m60, but the PKP has far superior sighting, far away. if anyone notices, the m60 iron sight is so big that the head of the person firing would literally be right over the the large receiver shield, pushed down into the gun. Noone has a neck like an ostrich, sorry. If anything, the sights being further away (read: smaller) would make them CLEARER to see through, since the bars and prongs of it would be much smaller as well. Capture and notice rate would increase tremendously for the IS m60, which I feel is what you would want because you actually NEED to load it up with some power multipliers like impact, rapid fire, or anti-flinch, as opposed to a sight and kick. Kick is far superior at controlling rapid fire weapons than the grip, and both kick and grip are rather worthless if you’re not using rapid fire. both the m60 and PKP are full rifle rounds, so they technically shouldn’t need impact, but due to inaccuracy and/or low rate of fire, you NEED impact to win against shooting someone who’s standing behind a crate or wall and shooting at you. If you try without it, the basic extreme retard recoil of LMGs means that you’ll hit them once in the upper area out of 3-5 shots, and die. Most of the time you need to aim at the feet of people when using an LMG in order for the LMG recoil to walk the shots into their chest.

    Headshots aren’t even a skill with LMGs anymore. Theyre just a happenstance, because if you try to aim for headshots you’ll fire above all your targets and always die.

    MW3 happens to be the worst MW ever. They essentially WANT people to use QS sniping and stalker run+gun with silenced weapons, and that’s all they want.

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