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NYCC 2012: Hawken Developer Interview w/Creative Director Khang Le

What do you get when you combine the speed and fly-by-wire first person shooter action of Quake III multiplayer with the heavy metal mech versus mech combat of games like Starsiege and Mechwarrior? Well, if you were to peek into the mind of Adhesive Game’s Creative Director, Khang Le, you get the fast and furious, free-to-play shooter Hawken. Thankfully, no strange doorway a la “Being John Malkovich” is required. Hawken exists. And while you may not know about it yet, you most certainly will over the next few months.

Recently at New York City Comic Con, we got the chance to sit down with Khang Le, himself, and discuss the where the game is at, the design philosophy behind the game, and what you should expect between now and the game’s release on the numerically pleasing date of 12.12.12.

To find out more about HAWKEN and how to enlist for the closed beta, which starts October 26th, be sure to head over to PLAYHAWKEN.COM

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