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Developer Interview: Cipher Prime – Splice

Splice 4
Have you heard of an Indie game house that goes by the name of Cipher Prime? If you’ve played either the original Auditorium (yes that crazy awesome/strange web-based music puzzler) or last year’s microbe-inspired puzzle game Splice (available on a laundry list of platforms) then you already know them. And, as they describe it, you may love (or loathe) their games depending on your state of mind and what kind of puzzler you’re looking for. If there’s one thing that’s consistent amongst all of their games, it’s an ongoing aesthetic and feel that belies conventional puzzle design and conventional puzzle-game wisdom. And as you’ll hear from our interview with Dain and Will, which we conducted at Indiecade East a little while back, it’s brought them both and incredible amount of praise as well as a fair amount of criticism.

If you’d like to find out more about the Philly-based Cipher Prime, Dain Saint, William Stallwood, and their games which include Auditorium, Fractal, Pulse, and Splice (which I highly recommend you check out), be sure to head to Cipher Prime’s Website.

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