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Press Any Key: A Rundown on the new Chinese tanks in World of Tanks

Have you been playing a lot of World of Tanks lately? Well you should be, because the people who have become experts at team based, ballistic combat have some new tanks for you to play with. In a recent update, the World of Tanks unveiled a full arsenal of Chinese tanks to go along with its current collection of tanks from countries including Russia, Britain, France, Germany, and the US. The fine people at World of Tanks were nice enough to provide us with an account that gave us access to these new tanks, and so we let our resident WoT expert, Admiral Grohand, take them for a spin and put them through their paces. Grohand is a WoT veteran, having played since launch. He’s unlocked a wide variety of tanks in all of the tiers and knows way more about tanks than I do. So he was the perfect person to test drive these new tanks. Here’s what he had to say:

The first four tiers of Chinese tanks are fairly similar to their American, British, french and Russian brothers since they were all sold to China. Tiers five through eight are all Chinese variants of Russia’s mediums and heavy tank lines.  These tanks are all comparable in damage, rate of fire, speed and armor as the other tier five to tier 8 tanks of the other countries.  The tier nine and ten tanks are by far better than their counterparts of the same tiers with the exception of the tier ten French medium, the tier ten French heavy and the German tier 10 heavy.   The tier ten medium chinese tank 121 has more armor, speed and fire power than all other tier ten mediums with the exception of rate of fire, this is the lowest of all the mediums.  The armor, speed and damage done per shot more than compinsate for its slow rate of fire.  Only one tank is faster than the 121 and that is the French tier ten the Batchat 155t.  The tier ten heavy tank the 113 has damage and rate of fire are comparable to the other tier ten heavies, the speed is faster than all but the French tier ten.  The armor charateristics are less than all but the French heavy, the tier ten German heavies have the most armor of the tier tens with the German E-100 having the most damge done for the tier ten heavies.

In all, the Chinese tanks are comparatively better than the other higher tier tanks. They also have a certain play style that is different than the other tanks of the tiers.  They play more like Mediums in their role of flanking the main body because of their speed, they dont have the armor to be front line fighters but they can take a fair amount of hits if placed at 30 to 45 degrees to any incoming fire.  But like all the rest of the tanks in World of Tanks its all in how you play and your play style if you are a straight forward fighter than i wouldnt recommend using either of the Chinese lines, but if you are more of a hit and run are getting around them then the Chinese lines are more for you.

We also spent some time on our Twitch channel talking to fellow players about the Pros and Cons of some of the new tanks while I took out a few for a test drive. I’ll admit right off the bat, I’m not the most expert of WoT players. In fact I kind of suck. However, our resident WoT master, Admiral Grohand, was there during the cast to clarify some of the finer points of all the tanks, the tiers, the historical accuracy, and even some things only serious tank buffs would know about.


You should definitely take some time to check out the video above, then go to the World of Tanks website and download the game and give all of the tanks a try. It’s free to play, so you’ve got nothing to lose…except your tank, which you will probably lose several times over. But eventually you will win. And when you do, those Chinese tanks will be waiting for you. Onward to victory!

Here’s a gallery of some of the new tanks below, both in game and and as renders.

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