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PAX EAST 2013: The Cosplay Diaries

PAX_2013_JP 433

For the majority of people who go to conventions, the goal is to get an overload of whatever entertainment medium a particular con might be covering: anime, movies, comics, or video games. But the one thing that seems to be consistent amongst every single entertainment convention is cosplay. It is an institution unto itself. It is a movement that doesn’t need a booth, a panel, or even a reason. It is the most independent form of expression and one of the most communal components at a con or expo. Cosplayers just look at each other and get it. They even compare costumes. Especially when con-go-ers rapidly swarm them with cameras at the ready.

And, as is the case every year, PAX East played host to some amazing works of costume craftiness.

We’ve selected some of the best of the bunch for your fan service needs. These really show off just how much work goes into participating in one of the most creative and time-consuming hobbies in convention-going. Are you talented enough to try your hand at this form of expression next year? Even if you’re not, you can bet these same people are already planning what video game hero or villain he or she will come as at next year’s show.


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  1. Posted by sephygoth on 10 April 13 at 10:13am

    Its an honor to be on the list of your costuming section for pax. Few people posted our pics, and the few that do post pics, they dont have much to say about the con itself… which as you mentioned was pretty awsome. Keep up the good reviews!

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