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About Us

What is “GameCrashers?”

GameCrashers is the product of a simple thought: not feeling ashamed for loving video games more than anyone else.  We’re here because the video game industry is a crazy place.  Some one has to decipher the lunacy that gets posted on the inter-webs every day.  Get ready for honest opinions, comedic commentaries, occasionally competent reviews, and partially inebriated podcast hosts.  We’re not you’re usual video game website.  We’re gamecrashers and we’re okay with that.

Who is “GameCrashers?”

Rob "DarkSide" James

Rob James – Co-Founder / Editor-in-Chief / Podcast Producer

GameCrashers’ overlord and general head pooh-bah, Rob has been a video gamer since the “not-so-heady” days of Battle Chess and Wolfenstein.  These days, when he’s not working as a video editor, television producer, and writer, he has made it his goal to immerse himself in as much of the video game culture as possible.  When he’s not playing video games he spends a good portion of his time with his photography, and living it up in NYC.  GameCrashers is the product of a simple thought: not feeling ashamed for loving video games more than anyone else.

PSN:  DarkSideDes
Xbox Live:  Desanvium


David “Boris” Orosz

David Orosz – Co-Founder / Senior Editor / Podcast Host

Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Boris presently lives with his beautiful wife in Los Angeles where he is pursuing a life of game programming/design and crime fighting. He has worked for THQ, Disney Interactive Studios on many secret endeavors that he cannot tell you about, along with an assortment of personal prospective projects he also cannot tell you about. In his free time he’s stuck doing podcasts for no money with Rob. He is a lucky, lucky man.

PSN:  BorisTI
Twitter:  BorisTI


Sean StridentBadge Marks - Cohost/Writer

Sean "StridentBadge" Marks

Sean Marks – Podcast Host / Gamepocalypse Editor

Sean was born into poverty in 1982. It all blurs together until about 2006 when he met Rob (Ed: and beer was had by all). His lovely girlfriend often refers to him as a “stone cold fox”, most likely due to the amount of hair covering his body. He holds a lucrative position in the entertainment industry, which this blog will eventually cost him. He joined Gamecrashers under the guise of fame and fortune and has received nothing but a sore anus thus far. He is very happy none of his fellow Gamecrashers are fat.




David S. Gallant

David S. Gallant – Podcast Host / Writer / Web Czar / Canadian

Relying on the metric system since 1983, the “other David” helps manage the web end of things and exists to provide Rob with a steady stream of insults and discouragement. David enjoys reconnecting with classic games on Steam, playing creative digital titles, and making games in Flash and Unity 3D. He founded Silver Maple Studios and has written for several websites, including PSNStores and PSNation

PSN:  Zvarri | XBL: Zvarri Podcaste
Twitter:  davidsgallant
Steam: davidsgallant


Brian "The Hurt" Hertler - Indie Editor


Brian Hertler – Podcast Host / Writer

Due to the unspeakable nature of his crimes, Brian was recently exiled to Atlanta, where he’s now studying games as part of the Digital Media program at Georgia Tech.  GameCrashers turns to him for opinions on previous-gen and independent games, mainly because he’s too lazy/cheap to upgrade his hardware.  He toils under the delusion that he’ll eventually become a world-famous indie game designer millionaire, and everyone else is too polite to tell him otherwise.




Jason "Peroni" Perini


Jason Perini – Podcast Host / Writer

Jason Perini is the resident PC gaming snob.  He hasn’t owned a console since the SNES (other than a freely acquired, quickly-dying XBox 1 that functioned solely as a Soul Calibur II machine).  He loves first person shooters, PC RPGs, and games where you build spaceships that shoot other spaceships.  He lives in New York City and works as a computer programmer for The Man.  He is a regular on the Gamecrashers Podcast because he loves to listen to the melodious sound of his own voice.