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Delayed Reactions: Dead Island Riptide

It's Dead Island, only dead-ier. Sean reviews Techlands horror follow up, Dead Island: Riptide. Is it zombie-chopping goodness or stumbling, staggering mess? Find out after the jump. Continue »

Delayed Reactions: The other side of the PS4 Conference

It's time for another long-winded rant on what the Playstation folks did wrong, and right, but mostly wrong at Wednesday's Playstation Meeting. Continue »
By Rob James | 21 February 2013 | Delayed Reactions, Editorial | , , , , , | 2 Comments   

Delayed Reactions: Torchlight II

Sean Marks has returned from the land of ADVENTURE that is Torchlight 2. But should you go where he has been? Probably not, but according to him, Torchlight 2 is all kinds of great. READ ON! Continue »

Sean’s Backloggery, Episode 2 – Killing Floor

I work strange hours. Typically this means I’m sauntering into my apartment at 3-4AM, still mildly drunk/high from the substances needed to get through the loneliness of a shift usually reserved for gravediggers, prostitutes, and sports radio hosts blabbering... Continue »

Sean’s Backloggery – Episode 1, Spec Ops: The Line

Sean's Backloggery is greater than yours. Thus begins his trek through this list, one game at a time. Today, his thoughts on Spec Ops: The Line. Continue »

Dear Brian: For your new iPhone

New iPhone? It needs some games and apps! Continue »

Delayed Reactions: Rage (PC Single Player)

Rage may not be the extensive, deep, multilayered experience some people were hoping for. But id's latest one word shooter delivers on what we've come to expect from the house made famous by classic shooters like Doom and Quake. Continue »
By Rob James | 14 November 2011 | Delayed Reactions, Featured, Reviews | , , | 0 Comments   

31 Days Of Halloween – Day 3: The Thing

One of my all-time favorite movies turned into a survival horror title. What would possibly go wrong? Let's find out, as we tackle DAY 3: THE THING!! Continue »
By Sean Marks | 03 October 2011 | Editorial, Reviews | , , | 1 Comment   

Delayed Reactions: Duke Nukem Forever: The Mild Pleasures Of Occasionally Betting On Duke

Sean Marks has kicked ass, chewed bubble gum, and sent the alien pigs in Duke Nukem Forever screaming back to their mommies. But is DNF everything you've waited 14 years to play? Find out after the jump. Continue »

E3 2011 – Nintendo Press Conference Reactions

Boris give his two cents on the 2011 Nintendo E3 Press Conference. It's probably more than the event was worth. Continue »
By Dave "Boris" Orosz | 08 June 2011 | Conventions, E3 Expo, Reviews | , , , , , , , , , | 0 Comments   
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