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31 Days Of Halloween: No Posts Until The Weekend

Evening gang. I’ve had a bit of real life intrude into my gaming life – 31 Days Of Halloween will be taking a hiatus until this Saturday, at which point we’ll post days 11 – 15. Try not to... Continue »
By Sean Marks | 13 October 2011 | Editorial | | 0 Comments   

31 Days Of Halloween – Day 10: Dead Island (Solo Campaign)

I'm violating my pledge to try to cover games that haven't been talked about out the wazoo this evening, because, well....this one's simply been far too enjoyable to keep bottled up. It also knocks out one of the days... Continue »

Press Any Key: The Binding of Isaac

On this entry of Press Any Key I play through some of the Binding of Isaac, the new game from the mind of Team Meat co-founder Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy) with music by Danny Baranowsky (Super Meat Boy/Canabalt). ... Continue »

31 Days Of Halloween – Day 9: Penumbra – Overture

I’ve spewed gallons of hot, sticky gamer love all over Amnesia – The Dark Descent. I was intrigued enough by that masterpiece to seek out Frictional’s previous series, Penumbra. Did the first episode, Overture, curl my toes the same... Continue »
By Sean Marks | 10 October 2011 | Editorial | , , | 0 Comments   

31 Days Of Halloween – Day 8: Clive Barker’s Undying

Fresh off a viewing of the (rather insane/awesome) film “Midnight Meat Train”, I thought it appropriate to dive face-first into the 2001 Clive Barker joint “Undying”. I’m glad I did. Pull your body every closer to mind, dear readers,... Continue »
By Sean Marks | 09 October 2011 | Editorial | , , | 0 Comments   

31 Days Of Halloween – Day 7: Silent Hill – Homecoming

When I think “Homecoming”, my thoughts immediately turn to being the only person on my high school football team who consistently did not get laid. Konami had to go and ruin that cherished memory, though. Hold me closer, dear... Continue »

31 Days Of Halloween – Day 6(ish): Post Mortem

Pity poor Post Mortem. I wasn't too kind to this one in a previous podcast. Has time done anything to forgive my previous misgivings? Maybe....kinda....just a little bit. Take my hand, dear reader, as we bareback the shit out... Continue »
By Sean Marks | 07 October 2011 | Editorial | , , |    

GameCrashers Radio Ep.89 – Dark Souls RAGE!! (suplosedly)

We're binding ourselves in the basement to avoid being sacrificed by Darks Souls and Rage. Bet your ass we'll be cuttin' our way out...with tears of joy. Continue »

Stupid News: Nathan Drake loves subway almost as much as hanging off cargo planes!

And he never dropped the sandwich! Must be a meal made in Uncharted heaven? Maybe. Continue »
By Rob James | 06 October 2011 | News, Stupid News | , , , | 0 Comments   

Atlus announces World Tendency events for Demon’s Souls 2-year Anniversary

Not convinced Dark Souls is for you? Maybe you should give Demon's Souls a try. Atlus gives you yet another reason to jump head first into 'souls'. Continue »
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