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Press Any Key: A Rundown on the new Chinese tanks in World of Tanks

World of Tanks just brought in some extra armor from China. Should you check them out? Our resident WoT expert will give you the info on these new tanks of ultimate badassery. Continue »

GCLIVE: The Amplified Gamers join us for some Magicka Co-Op Mayhem (Part I)

We play through the first few ours of Magicka's co-op campaign with 'friend of the podcast' BluSteele86 and two podcasters from the Amplified Gamers...and a lot of stuff goes horribly, horribly wrong after the jump. Continue »

GameCrashers Radio Ep.18 – We Need A Hero!

On this episode of GCR, Sean and Rob wade through a video game news drought in the hopes of finding a few golden gaming nuggets among a sea of bile. Bring a towel, cause this could get ugly. Topics... Continue »