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Extra Life

Extra Life GAMEPOCALYPSE: THE DEUCE!! – Saturday, Nov. 24th NOON to NOON!

For the second year in a row, it's Extra Life: GAMEPOCALYPSE "THE DEUCE" -- how many years can we survive these awful games? Continue »

GameCrashers Radio Ep.84 – “DO”n’t “T”ry it “A”sshole!

We didn't go to Gamescom. Ubisoft pulled some sh*t on its customers. Sony is making a handheld no one needs. And I talk about a game & genre I've yet to play. If you need... Continue »

GameCrashers Radio Ep.83 – Let’s Ban Conyp0rns

Things are getting banned, blamed, and busted up all over this joint. This includes Rob's ego. Also, we talk a lot about the Resistance 3 beta. It's another week, another CrashCast! Continue »

GameCrashers Ep.62 – Madness, Mayhem, and Meatboys

Rob returns from an episode off, Jon brings the crazy, Dave brings the humor, and Brian brings the hurt. Super Meat Boy is gushed over, Extra Life is complete, zombies are all around, and Halloween is clearly having... Continue »

Extra Life Part “24 Hour by request” Part II

It may be Sunday, but there's still plenty of time for more Extra Life game streaming goodness. Come in, donate to kids in need, and tell me what you think I should be playing...right now. Continue »
By Rob James | 17 October 2010 | Editorial, Feature | , , | 0 Comments   

24 Hours of Retro Gaming for Extra Life Charity

24 Hours of pure MADNESS!! For charity. Continue »
By Dave "Boris" Orosz | 13 October 2010 | Editorial, Site | , , , | 0 Comments   

GameCrashers Radio Ep.58 – My Halo has a first name, It’s R-E-A-C-H!

On this episode of GCRADIO, the three remaining members of Noble Squad: Rob, Boris, and Jon discuss Halo Reach, Move Enabled R.U.S.E., argue the importance of retro games, combat marketing speak gone wrong, and analyze the games of fall... Continue »

GameCrashers Radio Ep.57 – PAXilicious!

Boris recaps the his extended stay in Seattle and the eighth wonder of the video game world, PAX Prime 2010 while the rest of us use every opportunity possible to make lewd and inappropriate jokes. It's business as usual... Continue »

GameCrashers Radio EP.19 – It’s the Super GameCrashers Bros Super Show!

Hey kiddies! On this episode the fabulous ‘four’-fecta of Rob, Sean, Dave, and Brian destroy space and time in one fell swoop while rescuing the princess and discovering she’s in another castle. The Rundown for this Episode: - Game(s)... Continue »

Extra Life – Play for Pediatric Cancer Research

Last year, the guys over at started a charity to raise money for pediatric cancer research at the Texas Children’s Hospital. Their efforts resulted in raising over $120,000. This year they’re aiming to raise even more money by... Continue »
By Rob James | 24 August 2009 | Featured | , , , , , | 0 Comments   
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