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New York Comic Con Gets its Game On!

New York Comic Con happened and there was a lot to see. Here's a cross section of the best (and the rest) in games on the show floor this year. Continue »

Wii U Experience 2012: Los Angeles

Boris gets his hands on a number of Wii U games and tells the tale. Continue »

Stupid News: People still confused by Wii addon known as WiiU

It's a console, no it's an addon, no it's a gamepad. In this op-ed, Rob examines why no one seems to understand what the WiiU actually is and why it's almost entirely Nintendo's fault. Continue »
By Rob James | 21 September 2012 | Media, News, Stupid News | , , , , , | 0 Comments   

E3 2012: ZombiU

Of all the games I saw, I was most interested in getting my hands on ZombiU. ┬áThis isn’t just because it looks like a pretty good survival horror game, but rather because there’s no way to assume how well... Continue »
By Dave "Boris" Orosz | 07 June 2012 | Conventions, E3 Expo, Previews | , , , | 0 Comments   

GameCrashers Radio Ep.86′d – Dubstep Hero (PSNStores Edition)

There's some major "wubwub" action going down on this episode of the 'crashcast' -- Chris Kuspis from PSNStores joins the irregular crew of Trollware and MR.DSG (Troll shot first). In 30 years, we'll make a ton of changes... Continue »

GameCrashers Radio: Ep.79 – E3 Live(?) Wrap Up Show

We're tired, we're drinking, and we're stuffed full of we thought we'd share with the class. Continue »

GCTV: E3 West Hall Tour – Sony and Nintendo Booth in a Staredown Contest

In this video, we focus on the West Hall specifically and check out Sony, Nintendo, Bethesda, and everything in between. Oh, and that Torgo guy from keeps following us around with that blasted Joel on a Stick.... Continue »

E3 2011: Day 3 Wrap-up and the drawing of the curtain on another Electronic Three

E3 may be over, but its effects last long after the booth babes have gone home, the lights have been turned off, and the exhibitors pack everything up. Let's see how everything came to a close on Day... Continue »

E3 2011 – Nintendo Press Conference Reactions

Boris give his two cents on the 2011 Nintendo E3 Press Conference. It's probably more than the event was worth. Continue »
By Dave "Boris" Orosz | 08 June 2011 | Conventions, E3 Expo, Reviews | , , , , , , , , , | 0 Comments   

Delayed Reactions: Nintendo 3DS

Boris give his take on Nintendo's new 3DS console. Is the new 3D console a breath of fresh air, or a poke in the eye? Should you get one? Read on and find out. Continue »
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