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GameCrashers Radio Ep.108 – Tough Week for THQ

Sadly, THQ is no more. However, many of the developers that used to be under the THQ umbrella have found new homes. Rob, Boris, and Jason discuss this, video game violence, severed torsos, and our most anticipated titles of... Continue »

GameCrashers Radio Ep.71 – No E3 For You

And welcome to another episode, filled with great games, stupid news and E3 heartache. Boris takes his turn at the helm while Rob takes a well needed break. Joined by Jason and Jonathan, they tear apart the issues that... Continue »

Metro 2033 Released

Ukrainian developer 4A-Games has just released its new first person shooter Metro 2033 to some pretty positive reviews. Continue »
By Jason Perini | 17 March 2010 | Editorial, News, Trailers | , , , , , | 0 Comments   

Red Faction Guerrilla – Demons of the Badlands DLC

So, you went to Mars, watched your brother die before your eyes, got recruited by the Red Faction, blew up some buildings, curb-stomped some marauders, and liberated the planet from those EDF jerks. Still itching for some demolition action?... Continue »
By Rob James | 29 July 2009 | Editorial | , , , , | 0 Comments   

E3 2009 Day 1: Afterthoughts

The first day of the E3 is in the can.  We saw a lot of awesome things, played some amazing demos and betas, and ran into a few famous members of the video gaming community.  And we’re going to... Continue »