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Stupid News: ECA asks gamers to tell senate to NOT support S.134

The ECA is ready for another head to head battle with politicians over virtual violence vs actual real world violence. Continue »

Norwegian retail chain pulls WoW, violent games in response to Oslo tragedy

One week after the attacks in Norway, retail chain Coop Norway pulls the two games, as well as several others, the mastermind of this tragedy mentions in his 1,500 page manifesto. Continue »
By Rob James | 29 July 2011 | News | , , , , , , , , | 0 Comments   

Stupid News: Justice Thomas, Breyer’s dissenting vote on Brown vs EMA is both intriguing and confusing

Two Justices didn't agree with the majority opinion on Brown vs the EMA. But why, exactly? And what is this case really about anyway: minors, violence, obscenity, the 1st Amendment, or just a simple abhorrence of video... Continue »

GameCrashers Podcast – Ep.7 – The USS-GameCrashers Blows its Warp Core

This week on GameCrashers radio, Soundtrack burns a hole in the space time continuum that is so deep it destroys our first attempt at recording Ep 7 and causes one of our guest hosts to disintegrate before our very... Continue »